Taste Sensations from Around the World

Taste Sensations from Around the World

Besides writing I like cooking and traveling the world.  One holiday I visited the beautiful old city of Lviv in Western Ukraine.  The many cafes, restaurants and themed bars make this city a home of gastronomic delights.  While there relaxing in cafes with some friends, drinking delicious Lviv spiced coffee, I got the idea to combine my love of writing, traveling, cooking, eating and photography into one book.

What I proposed to do was find food I had encountered on my travels around the world that appealed to me, experiment with different recipes and create my own version of that meal.  Once I cooked it I'd take photographs and voila - an internationally-minded global cookbook. My simple rule, nothing could go into this book if I hadn’t tried to make it myself. Of course this meant I would have to do a lot of tasting. As the book progressed and my freezer filled up, I called in a group of friends to become my taste testers. They willingly gave up Sunday afternoons to come to my apartment to taste my recipes.

My goal was to make the recipes as simple as possible.  Too often we balk at trying to cook something new and exotic as we think it will be too difficult.  Hence my use of the KISS method.  Keep It Simple and Stupid. I am not a chef or a food photographer. I am just an average person who enjoys cooking and experimenting with flavours.

Let's get cooking!



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