The Case of Billy B

A young boy and his father encounter immense challenges as they struggle to find love and acceptance in an unforgiving world. Abandoned by his own mother, rejected by all but his loving father, Billy B is thrust into a silent hell alone, branded a freak and a misfit. Billy becomes the ultimate life spectator in a game of survival. Who can he count on to save him, when all seems lost?

C U @ 8

Do your kids ever really leave?
Fenella Fisher and Suki Rabinowitz are middle-aged single mothers whose children have left home and started on their own lives and careers. But Suki’s son Josh is a cocaine-addict who supposedly fathered a baby on a visit to the UK; and Fenella’s daughter Kirsty has just been dumped and is feeling miserable. Fenella and Suki decide they need to step in to help their children and hatch a plan to sort out Josh’s mess and find Kirsty a suitable man, with some hilarious consequences. After interviewing prospective husbands for Kirsty at Waves Restaurant and Bar, they discover that a good man is hard to find... 

The Colorful Art of Pain

There are many books out there about how to treat pain. The Colorful Art of Pain is different. It does not give any quick fix remedies or cures for pain. What it does is show you pain through the eyes of an artist.
Daniel Quinlan was hooked on painkillers that were becoming less and less effective. He had battled with chronic pain for many years. When he and his wife moved to Tanzania in East Africa he decided to stop all pain medication and use painting as a way to get release from his pain. When he ran out of brushes he started using his fingers... 

The Great Mountain to Mountain Safari

An old fuel-guzzling car with a reconditioned engine, an open African road, a passport, a moody teenager and a weak bladder - what more do you need to undertake a road trip of a lifetime?
Join Cindy Vine and her teenage daughter on their drive from Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to Table Mountain in South Africa and back again. 21 Days of driving, a total of 11 980km, six countries, umpteen bad toilets, one arrest.
Whether you are an armchair traveller, or planning on doing this route yourself, or simply just want to be entertained, then The Great Mountain to Mountain Safari is the book for you.

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