Grandpa has lost his keys. Where can they be? Granny suggests many places the grandchildren can look for them, but they can’t find them. The keys have disappeared. Then Grandpa finds them in a very strange place.  Buy Now.

Food is disappearing out of the fridge at night. Who is stealing it? Can it be a mouse? Granny and the children set a trap to catch the food robber.

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Are you being bullied at school? Fighting Fisi shows you how you can turn a bully into a friend. Although written in English, the book also uses some Swahili words and has an English/Swahili Dictionary at the back. There are also discussion questions and information for parents on conflict resolution.

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The Book: Fears, Phobias and Frozen Feet is an absolute must read!  There is no sugar coating the truth in her words which makes the advice more real. It’s not about easing the truth into our minds but instead giving it to us straight up!  Many people, myself included have been in toxic relationships at one time or another.  JJRUBIO

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Sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side. As soon as she turns 18 Kara Butler leaves home to start a new life. Things go well until she falls in love. But is it love or obsession and how far will she go in the name of love?

Reviewed by Bob MacKenzie for Readers Favorite
“Quirky and intriguing, this story is clean and tightly written. For readers who prefer their books to be intelligent, thought-provoking, and challenging, “Defective” will be an ideal choice.”

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Relationships can suck. Do you find yourself hopping from one bad relationship to another? Are you feeling devastated after a break-up? In Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single, Cindy Vine shows you how to get your life back on track again with some easy fixes and humor.

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Sometimes things are not what they seem.
Kyle Rushton appears to have everything going for him. His own home, a successful business, a beautiful woman in his bed and an adorable son. But when things start to go wrong in his relationship it spreads like a cancer into every facet of his life.
Caught between a need for revenge and a search for justice, Kyle turns to the past for answers and the more layers he uncovers, the darker the truth becomes. Will knowing the terrible truth help him find peace and justice?

Hush Baby has been translated into Spanish.

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Keeping secrets can take its toll. Jenny has spent a lifetime of being the victim. Just when she thinks she has everything under control, her past comes back to haunt her leaving her with a difficult decision to make. Should she finally confront her demons and tell the secret she’s been hiding all these years?

Not Telling has been translated into Spanish.

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‘The thing with being invisible, is that people forget that you are there and they say confidential things you are not supposed to know. It’s a bit like being painted with body paint so that you blend into the surroundings and become one with the background. If you are quiet you cease to exist.’
When Maddie was ten years old her teacher told her class to keep a Thought Journal to record their thoughts. Seven years later and Maddie is still recording her thoughts in her Thought Journal, only now she has withdrawn completely and stopped interacting with others.
Why has Maddie become a shell of the girl she once was?
What is going on at Rourke High?
As Maddie writes down her thoughts, a horrifying high school culture is revealed which will end in a chilling climax that will leave you reeling.

The Freedom Club has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

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Chris, a US Marine, is ready for marriage and parenthood. What he isn’t prepared for, is raising his little boy alone. Juggling work and fatherhood proves to be a huge challenge for him. How can he provide for Billy and protect him at the same time?
They say it takes a village to raise a child. Unfortunately for Chris, everybody seems to have their own agenda and Billy is not a priority.
Is there anybody who Chris can trust to help him look after Billy?
Inspired by a true story, The Case of Billy B will play havoc with your emotions.

The Case of Billy B has been translated into Portuguese.

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Some mothers never let go.
Fenella Fisher has lived her life bouncing from one crazy adventure to another. She decides to help her daughter find the ideal man. Will she succeed in her quest or will it turn into another crazy adventure?

CU@8 has been translated into Spanish.

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Life is a series of adventures. Although Fenella Fisher is often hit by adversity, she always tries to find the humor and lesson in the situation. Will her light-hearted approach help her overcome the biggest obstacle yet?

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Pain is very real.
Narrated by Cindy Vine and original artwork by Daniel Quinlan, The Colorful Art of Pain is a visual diary that tells you one man’s journey into the Hell of Pain.

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An old fuel-guzzling car with a reconditioned engine, an open African road, a passport, a moody teenager and a weak bladder – what more do you need to undertake a road trip of a lifetime?
Join Cindy Vine and her teenage daughter on their drive from Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to Table Mountain in South Africa and back again. 21 Days of driving, a total of 11 980km, six countries, umpteen bad toilets, one arrest.
Whether you are an armchair traveller, or planning on doing this route yourself, or simply just want to be entertained, then The Great Mountain to Mountain Safari is the book for you.

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Try something new…

Cindy Vine is a dangerous author – and considering all the bland, “safe,” yawn-inducing books that continue to be pumped out by commercial publishers, I say that as the highest possible compliment”. Tom Carter

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